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Ncore Varus 3.0

English PC

This Mid-Level Intel gaming PC delivers a High level of performance that you would need to play both today’s and future games. Built on an upgradeable Intel ATX Motherboard the PC configuration includes a fast Intel i5 6500 Quad Core Skylake processor for adequate performance. In addition the MSI GTX1060 OC D5 6GB is VR Ready for headsets. We also upgraded to the newest DDR4 RAM with 8GB at 2133 MHz memory this combination will allow you to run any graphic intensive games currently on the market.  Lastly we added a 1TB SSHD which includes 8GB of nand flash memory which drastically improves application load times, windows boot ups and most importantly overall system performance!



Intel 6th Gen i5-6500 Quad Core (3.2 – 3.6Ghz / 6mb cache)
Intel 6th Gen i7-6700 Quad Core (3.4 – 4Ghz / 8mb cache)

MSI Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 OC D5 6GB
ASRock H110m Skylake Motherboard
Samsung 8GB DDR4-2133Mhx RAM (4gbx2)
1TB Seagate solid state hybrid  (1TB HDD+ 8GB SSD)
Ncore Varus case (usb3.0 compliant)
Zalman ZM600-LX PSU
Samsung 24x DVD-RW Optical Drive

Pre-loaded with:
Windows 10 (English) x64bit OS




1 year

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