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Samsung 27” Curved FHD Monitor + metallic stand (S27D590CS)

An amazing curved screen for the ultimate immersive experience
The SD590C boasts a curved screen that takes your entertainment experience to a whole new level. The radius and depth of the curve create a wider field of view and make the screen seem larger and more immersive than a flat screen of the same size. And because the screen edges are physically closer, matching the natural curves of your eyes, you get uniform viewing distance across the entire screen a more comfortable viewing experience that is easy on your eyes.
Elegant minimal design created by a smooth ergonomic curve and refined metallic stand
To design the curve on the SD590C monitor, Samsung carefully studied how the human eye works to find just the right curve radius for the screen so that every part is at the same distance to your eye and the viewing is more comfortable and immersive. The monitor also features a clean and understated look that keeps you focused on your content. Elevated by a curved stand and angled neck and framed perfectly by a narrow bezel, the picture almost seems to float weightlessly, its elegant silhouette enhanced by the monitor’s clean back.
Mega Dynamic Contrast and brilliant viewing experiences from every angle
The SD590C provides enhanced viewing from any angle, thanks to its curved screen and 178-degree extra-wide viewing angle. It also features clear viewing vertically and horizontally, and a 3000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio that complements the curved screen, providing truly lifelike pictures with deeper blacks, pristine whites, and amazingly bright colors. With the screen’s wide field of view, you can enjoy all your multimedia content freely from nearly anywhere in the room and with incredible picture quality.
Entertainment content comes alive with stereo speakers built right into the curved screen
Truly immersive viewing from a curved screen deserves equally immersive surround sound. That is why the SD590C was created with 5-Watt, 2-channel dual stereo speakers built right into the curve, delivering rich, high-quality stereo sound that envelops you and enhances your movies and music in a way that you’ll think you’re at a movie theater or concert. Enjoy the total solution for vision and sound that takes your entertainment to new heights, all in the comfort of your home.
Realistic gaming enhanced by a curved screen lets you step right into the game
With just one touch of a button, Game Mode instantly adjusts your monitor settings for an optimized gaming experience. It intelligently detects changes in scenes, enhances the color, and alters the screen’s contrast to make the darks darker and light spots lighter, so you can see all the action at all times. And with the amazing curved screen, all that action is more immersive than ever, plunging you into a gaming experience so exhilarating it will keep you right at the edge of your seat.
Give comfort to your eyes with Flicker Free
Flicker Free technology protects your eyes from the constant strain caused by flickering screens on conventional monitors so you can work and enjoy reading, playing games, watching movies, and editing photos for longer without eye fatigue. Have a more pleasing immersive visual experience with Flicker Free.
Connectivity that comes optimized for entertainment
The Samsung SD590C comes with a high-quality HDMI cable and all the connections you need to make the most of your entertainment. Connect to game consoles, Blu-ray players and other AV devices with the convenience and quality of HDMI, or use the D-Sub ports to connect to PCs. It even has a Display Port, making it simple and easy to connect to other displays.
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