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How long will it take to process my order?

Orders will be processed on a first come, first serve basis and are usually processed within 48-72 hours and is normally recieved by our customers within 4-5 business days.

However, in some cases, your order may require up to 14 days depending on the model and availability.  Therefore, our policy is to allow up to 14 business days to receive your order.  If your does not ship within that period, then we will issue a refund upon the customer’s request.

Is it safe to shop online with

At English PC, we guarantee your privacy and online shipping safety.  We will never share your personal and private information with anyone!  Any personal information we collect from you is only used to facilitate and deliver your order.

We are secured with VeriSign SSL Certification through PayPal to ensure your personal information is encrypted and safe with English PC.  We also accept bank transfers if you feel more comfortable.

How can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately you cannot cancel your order once payment is made because all sales are final.   Therefore it’s important to re-check the products you want before placing an order.  If you are unclear about a product or have any questions about your order please call our customer service number located at the top of our homepage.

What warranty do I get with the products I’ve bought?

Each product has a different warranty coverage.  But for the most part, all products come with a minimum of 1 year unless specified on the manufacture’s product label.

How can I return a product to get fixed if it’s still under warranty?

Any Desktop computer that is purchased from English PC can be returned directly to us for repair under the warranty period of 1 year.  However,  for all other products which need repair during the warranty period, MUST be return directly to the manufacturer’s A/S center.  If you can’t find their after service centers, please contact us and we will provide that information for you.


Do you offer payment plans on computers?

We apologize, but we currently do not offer this service.

Why are the prices only in US dollars?

In order for English PC to integrate PayPal and Credit Cards as a secure and safe form of payment,  we must display our prices in US dollars.

How can I pay for my order?

We have 3 methods:

  • PayPal  (Visa, MasterCard and American Express)
  • Korean bank transfer
  • Cash in person

How can I pay using my Korean ATM bank card?

At the checkout page, you can select “Direct Bank Transfer” and then click “Place Order”, finally you will be taken to another page which displays your order and our banking account information.

A bank transfer to our account can be made at any ATM machine.  Normally in your home country you would need to use the ATM bank machine designated by your own bank BUT in Korea ATMs operate differently.  Therefore, you may use any Korean Bank ATM at your convenience to make a payment. And yes, all ATM banks offer English services.  If you have any issues with banking please use the phone number at the top of our homepage to contact us for assistance.


How does English PC ship my order?

We ship exclusively with Korea Post.  We provide fast FREE shipping on any new purchase orders.  There is however a 12,000 won flat shipping fee for any repairs or free diagnostics we do on computers.

How long does it take to ship?

Shipping in Korea is very quick and usually takes 24 – 48 hours for packages to reach our shop.

Can I receive my package on the weekends?

You might get your package IF you’re using your home address.  If you use your work address then packages will only be delivered from Monday to Friday.  Korea Post does not deliver on Sunday!

Can I use my work address to receive the product?

It’s our experience customers prefer to use their work address to receive their package for mainly two reasons.  Someone will always be there to accept the package during work hours and secondly, by using your work phone number for contact purposes, a Korean co-worker will most likely get the call from the post office.

I didn’t receive my order yet, do you have a tracking number?

We don’t typically give out tracking numbers for orders because it only takes approx 24 hours to receive your order after it was shipped.  If you haven’t received your order 72 hours after it was shipped then please contact us and we will track it down for you.

I might not be home when the post office delivers my package so what happens?

If you are not home to accept the delivery then you’ll receive a call from the driver.  He will ask when you’re available the next day to receive it.

Help, I can’t speak Korean to the driver!!

If the driver cannot get in contact with you at the time of delivery or get lost in translation, then he will call English PC.  We will then contact you via phone, email or Facebook to arrange another pickup time.  If after the next business day you cannot arrange to meet the driver then it will be left at the local Korean Post office to pick up in person.  Show them your ARC (Alien Registration Card) and they will hand over your package.


What do you charge for repairs on computers or accessories?

Diagnosing your computer / laptop is FREE of charge IF purchased from our shop.  After we source the problem of your computer we will inform you of the cost of repair and then you may decide how you would like to proceed.

IF however this is NOT an item purchased from English PC then there is a nominal handling fee of 36,000 won + shipping cost applied.  In most cases the total amounts to 48,000 won.

ALL repairs on used laptops include a 30 day warranty!  If the part(s) paid for by customer stop functioning then we will replace.  This does NOT include accidental damage!

ALL repairs MUST be performed in our shop! This ensures the necessary parts are properly inspected, are in good working order and installed with an experienced technician.   It is for this reason, we do not directly sell laptop parts!

How much does it cost to ship my computer to you?

Korea Post charges approximately 6,000 won for laptops and roughly 8,000 won for desktops, plus 500-1500 won for a packing box.

I’m worried my computer will get damaged using Korea Post.

We only do business with Korea Post and have never experienced any issues with their service.

Korea Post shipping procedure & assistance:

Korea Post costs about 6,000 won for shipping and usually arrives to our shop within 48 hours. The post office has all the packaging materials you need including, boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. Please note: It is NOT the responsibility of the post office to package your computer. Although rare, sometimes they won’t allow the customer to ship a computer, and in that case just show them this message in Korean, “문제 발생시, 책임을 묻지 않겠습니다!”.  In English, it means that you are responsible for the contents of the package and removes the post office of liability. We have never received a computer that was damaged by Korea Post shipping so just package it well.


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