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INTEL 3.0 Student

English PC

This Budget PC is designed to meet the demands for daily computing similar to the Office PC but utilizes a lower end processor and a smaller hard drive.  Although this computer is not designed for gaming, it can still multitask with ease for surfing, streaming and word processing.  In addition this system comes with an ECS motherboard which has USB 3.0 ports & both DVI or VGA ports for a monitor connection.


Intel Celeron Dual Core G1840 (2.8Ghz / 2mb cache)
ECS H81M3-H4
Intel HD 1.05Ghz Graphics
2 GB RAM Samsung PC-12800 (1600 MHz)
500GB Seagate / Toshiba or similar.
Micro ATX 500W PSU
Abko Ncore SierraPC case

Pre-load with:
Windows 10 Home (English) + Antivirus Microsoft Defender



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